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10 Years experience about Games Management System (GMS)Game Management System

10 Years experience about GMS

     XSYS staff had been involved with Internation and National Games Management for 10 Years such as ASIAN Games, SEA Games, SAP Games, Woman Weight Lifting World Cup, Thailand National Sports, Thailand National Youth Sports, King's Cup Boxing, Thailand Military Sports.

     We provided not only software and hardware for scoring, judging and score board display but also Management Software such as Accreditation, Athlete Registration, Athlete Verification, AD Card and Doping Verification.

5 Years experience in Monitor & Control (M&C) SystemSatellite Base Station

5 Years experience in M&C (Monitor & Control) System for SBS system

     Satellite Base Station operates 7 x 24 hours a year and the Network Management System software (NMS) much more reliability so, XSYS had much more experiences for 5 years in NMS or Remote software . Serious factors such as security, reliability, backup, recovery and maintenance are really concerning issues. Our NMS software familiar to various satellite equipment i.e. COMTECH Up/Down converter, CODAN Transceiver, CODAN BUC, CODAN SSPA, CODAN Remote Controller, Vertex HPA, Vertex Antenna Controller, Andrew Antenna Controller and etc. XSYS had been out sources for many companies who provided satellite equipment & NMS.

10 Years experience in Embedded SystemEmbedded System Design

10 years experience in ESD for communication and satellite equipment

     Embedded System much more particularly techniques and reliability those laying on experience and technologies. XSYS had been an Embedded System Development for +10 years. Our experiences are familiar with Satellite and RF communication equipment those not only reliability and robust but also rapidly production and cost effective.

5 Years experience in Cryptography SoftwarePIN Code Printing

5 Years experience in Cryptography Software whice is familiar with THALES HSM, PCP S/W

     XSYS develop software to support THALES HSM. The software not only has printing feature but also has Management and Historical features to record all printed transactions into log file for tracking in the future. The Print Manager software uses by various banking companies in Thailand. Additionally XSYS provide the ability for integrators to quickly implement support for printing PIN for general cards seamlessly within their existing systems.

Familiarly with Datawarehousing, DBMS, Data MiningOur Supports Team

Familiar with Dataware housing, DBMS, XML, ASP.Net, Java, Assemby and etc. Almost staff are certifiled training by well know companies i.c. IBM, Microsoft, Borland.

     We'll work with you to find out your organizational goals and evaluate your current IT infrastructure for your requirements. Then we'll customize the software so that it meets your organization's exact specifications and integrate it into your infrastructure. XSYS have been helping companies support solution that achieve core business objectives and fits each client's industry. We have solutions to help you implement and integrate the leading Data Warehousing, Data Mining, CRM and ERP.

eXpert System Co., Ltd. (XSYS) Professional Services
Borland Delphi Training Certified Microsoft Training Certified Thales SafeSign Training Certified ACIS Training certified Thales HSM Training certified IBM Datawarehouse Training Certified