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About eXxpert System Consultant Co., Ltd.

     eXpert System Consultant Company Ltd., (XSYS) is a Software Development & Consultant for particularly businesses. XSYS established in January 2007 but our experience did not count on that day. Since 1989 we sat up a professional team consist with people who familiar with particular software such as Cryptography Software, Embedded Software, Network Management System(NMS) Software, Database Software and Image Processing Software. We spent time after works to do freelance jobs to support companies that lack of in-house resource skill. Our clients are various businesses such as Military, Data Security, Banking, Education, Sports, Communication, Satellite Base Station and Internet Services Provider(ISP). We hard work more than 10 years to maintain our permanent and freelance jobs finally, we decided to do our own business that established the XSYS.

     Our products were familiar with our previous experiences those are Network Management System (NMS), Embedded System, Cryptography software, Authentication software, Image Processing, Sports Management System(Games Management System) Software and custom software development services. We are also provided a new service which is Project Management services to help customer to manage their project to act as Project Manager. Project is not only managing and planning but sometime project require specific solution to be solved and of course XSYS had much more knowledges and experiences to do that effectively.

Borland Delphi Training Certified Microsoft Training Certified Thales SafeSign Training Certified ACIS Training certified Thales HSM Training certified IBM Datawarehouse Training Certified