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5 Years experience in Monitor & Control (M&C) SystemSatellite Base Station

5 Years experience in M&C (Monitor & Control) System for SBS system

     Satellite Base Station operates 7 x 24 hours a year and the Network Management System software (NMS) much more reliability so, XSYS had much more experiences for 5 years in NMS or Remote software . Serious factors such as security, reliability, backup, recovery and maintenance are really concerning issues. Our NMS software familiar to various satellite equipment i.e. COMTECH Up/Down converter, CODAN Transceiver, CODAN BUC, CODAN SSPA, CODAN Remote Controller, Vertex HPA, Vertex Antenna Controller, Andrew Antenna Controller and etc. XSYS had been out sources for many companies who provided satellite equipment & NMS.

  • Network Management Software Features
          • Realtime monitor & control.
          • Multiple access control.
          • Much more robust & reliability.
          • Support various protocols i.e. Telnet, Syslog and SNMP.
          • Support Web/Window application.
          • User Authentication.
          • Support various equipment interfaces i.e. RS-485, RS-232 and TCP/IP.
          • User friendly by GUI.
  • NMS modules Hardware Specification
          • Embedded OS.
          • IP Enabled.
          • Supported TCP/IP, HTTP, Telnet, etc....
          • Robust & Rapid development.
          • Scalability & Flexibility.
          • User friendly by GUI (Graphics User Interface).
          • Cost effective.
  • Reliability and Security
          • Our software had been operate 7x24 hours a year by without any reset or crash.
          • Encrypted data to be concerned.
          • Various DBMS supports i.e. MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc..
          • Various protocal supports i.e. HDLC, CODAN, COMTECH, VERTEX RSI, etc..
          • Able to upgrate to proprietary communication protocol.
          • Establish session for each connection.
          • To be operated under IPSEC (IP Security).


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