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The eXpert System Consultant Co., Ltd. (XSYS) is a professional Software Development company.

Provide Professional Services of Software Development and Consultant.

  We provide software application both of window and web application, Network Management System (NMS) software, Embedded Software, Cryptography software, Authentication software and custom software development services. Project managers are available to manage your projects and optimizing various aspects of the project both of cost and scheduling. Sometimes capable tools are not enough for your project, because the problem requires specific solutions or because you have not enough resources skill in-house to handle a project. In such cases, XSYS has highly skilled to consultants and manage to help to complete the project. More than 10 years experience in software product development native, XSYS works in background of well-known companies by reliable and cost-effective services. Our comprehensive is integrated Embedded Software, Database, Network Management Software (NMS) and Graphics User Interface (GUI) together. Our consulting services enable you to leverage the potential of your IT infrastructure and transform your business objectives from scratch to reality. Our software development proceeds on Software Engineering (SE) concept not only Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) but also Project Management process.

Technologies Review
Thursday, February 21, 2008
CMMI(Capability Maturity Model Integration)
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